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Prof B B Arora

Professor Thermal Engineering, Turbo Machine, Refrigeration ... View Profile

Prof Qasim Murtaza

Professor Manufacturing, Thermal spray coatings, Materials P... View Profile

Prof Ranganathan M S

Professor Production Engineering, Industrial Engineering... View Profile

Prof Ramesh Chandra Singh

Professor Engine Tribology, Production Engineering... View Profile

Dr Rajiv Chaudhary

Professor Biofuels and Bioengineering... View Profile

Dr Akhilesh Arora

Professor Refrigeration and Airconditioning, Thermal Enginee... View Profile

Prof Samsher .

Professor Dr. Samsher, Professor, Delhi Technological Unive... View Profile

Prof Sagar Maji

Professor Thermal Engineering, IC Engine... View Profile

Prof D S Nagesh

Professor Automation, Robotics, CAD/CAM, Application of ANN ... View Profile

Prof Girish Kumar

Professor Reliability Engineering, Maintenance management, S... View Profile

Prof Rajesh Kumar

Professor Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Thermoynamics... View Profile

Prof Samsher .

Professor Prof. Samsher Professor, Delhi Technological Univ... View Profile

Prof Naveen Kumar

Professor Internal Combustion Engines, Alternative fuels wit... View Profile

Prof Suresh Kumar Garg

Professor Statistical Analysis, Quantitative Methods, Supply... View Profile

Prof Vikas Rastogi

Professor System Dynamics, Design and Dynamics, Modeling and... View Profile

Prof Ravinderjit Singh Walia

Professor Advanced Manuf. Processes and Industrial Engg... View Profile

Prof Samsher

Professor Power plant engineering... View Profile

Prof R S Mishra

Professor Alternate Energy Sources, RAC, Heat -Transfer, The... View Profile

Prof Raj Kumar Singh

Professor Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Systems, Hydrokinetic Turbi... View Profile

Prof Atul Kumar Agrawal

Professor Solid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Vibrations, C... View Profile

Prof Vipin

Professor Production Engineering... View Profile

Prof Reeta Wattal

Professor Production Engineering, Welding, Metal Cutting, Me... View Profile

Dr Pushpendra Singh

Associate Professor Green Energy, Sustainability, Energy Storage Syste... View Profile

Dr Pravin Kumar

Associate Professor Operations Management, Industrial Engineering and ... View Profile

Mr Vishwa Kamal

Associate Professor Design Engineering... View Profile

Dr Pradeep K Jain

Associate Professor Production Engineering... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar

Associate Professor Dr. Anil Kumar is Associate Professor in Departmen... View Profile

Dr P V Ram Kumar

Associate Professor Thermal Engineering, Power Plants, Heat Transfer... View Profile

Dr Saurabh Agarwal

Assistant Professor Supply Chain Management, Reverse Logistics, Indust... View Profile

Mr N Yuvraj

Assistant Professor Surface composites, FSW, Manufacturing... View Profile

Ms Navriti Gupta

Assistant Professor Manufacturing, Press Tool and Die, Mould Designing... View Profile

Ms Sushila Rani

Assistant Professor Fault Diagnosis in Mechanical systems... View Profile

Mr Paras Kumar

Assistant Professor Tribology, Wear modelling, Failure analysis of gea... View Profile

Dr Raghvendra Gautam

Assistant Professor Power Plant Engineering, Alternative Fuels... View Profile

Mr Naushad Ahmad Ansari

Assistant Professor Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Refrigeration and... View Profile

Mr Sanjay Kumar

Assistant Professor Machine Design,Finite Element Method, Fracture Mec... View Profile

Dr Manjunath K

Assistant Professor Thermal Engineering... View Profile

Dr Mahendra Singh Niranjan

Assistant Professor Production and Industrial Engineering... View Profile

Mr Krovvidi Srinivas

Assistant Professor Design and Production... View Profile

Mr Roop Lal

Assistant Professor Automobile, Internal Combustion Engines, Aviation ... View Profile

Dr Mohammad Zunaid

Assistant Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Computational ... View Profile