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Dr D R Bhaskar

Professor Bipolar and MOS Analog Intergrated Circuits... View Profile

Prof N S Raghava

Professor Antenna and Propagation, Microwave Engineering, Di... View Profile

Prof Asok De

Professor Communication and Microwave... View Profile

Prof Indu Sreedevi

Professor Computer Vision, Image Processing, wireless sensor... View Profile

Prof Rajeshwari Pandey

Professor Microelectronics, Analog Circuits and Decices, Ana... View Profile

Prof Rajiv Kapoor

Professor Vision/Speech based Tracking, Activity Recognition... View Profile

Prof Neeta Pandey

Professor Analog and Digital VLSI Design, Current mode ADC D... View Profile

Mr Mahipal Singh Choudhary

Professor Biomedical Signal and image processing... View Profile

Dr Dinesh Kumar

Professor Image Processing , Clustering... View Profile

Dr Jeebananda Panda

Associate Professor Applied Electronics... View Profile

Mr Alok Kumar Singh

Associate Professor Linear Integrated Circuits,Fiber Optical Communica... View Profile

Mr Rajesh Birok

Associate Professor Communication Engineering, Biomedical Electronics... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Rohilla

Associate Professor Computer vision, Machine learning, Embedded system... View Profile

Dr Poornima Mittal

Associate Professor Organic Electronics, VLSI Design, Device Modeling... View Profile

Dr Gurjit Kaur

Associate Professor Optical Communication, Wireless Communication, IoT... View Profile

Mr Deva Nand

Assistant Professor Microelectronics, Analog Signal Processing, Analog... View Profile

Mr Avinash Ratre

Assistant Professor Digital Signal Processing... View Profile

Mr Ajai Kumar Guatam

Assistant Professor Digital System Design, Microprocessors, Image Proc... View Profile

Ms N Jayanthi

Assistant Professor Image processing, Computer Vision and Communicatio... View Profile

Ms Sudipta Majumdar

Assistant Professor Signal processing and nonlinear system modelling... View Profile

Dr Malti Bansal

Assistant Professor eHealth, IoT, Nanoelectronics, Nanotechnology, RF ... View Profile

Dr Priyanka Jain

Assistant Professor Digital signal processing, Microwave... View Profile

Dr Nidhi Taneja

Assistant Professor Electronics and Communications... View Profile

Dr Yashna Sharma

Assistant Professor Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Sensors, Optical Commun... View Profile

Mr Anurag Chauhan

Assistant Professor Spintronics and spin based devices, VLSI Design... View Profile

Mr Piyush Tewari

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Wireless Communication (Channel... View Profile

Mr Anand Kumar

Assistant Professor Microwaves, Antenna and wave propagation, Metamate... View Profile

Mr Pankaj Dahiya

Assistant Professor Instrumentation and Control... View Profile

Mr Akshay Mann

Assistant Professor Microelectronics... View Profile

Ms Lavi Tanwar

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Image Processing, Digital Water... View Profile

Dr Sonam Rewari

Assistant Professor VLSI Design... View Profile

Ms Kriti Suneja

Assistant Professor VLSI Design... View Profile

Dr Rohit Kumar

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication, Reinforcement Learning for... View Profile

Dr Sachin Taran

Assistant Professor Adaptive Signal Processing, Non-Stationary Signal ... View Profile

Dr Anukul Pandey

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal/Image Process... View Profile

Dr Sonal Singh

Assistant Professor Electronics and Communication, Nanotechnology... View Profile

Mr Ganesh M

Assistant Professor Antenna Array Analysis and Design, Microwave Engin... View Profile

Mr Kaustubh Ranjan Singh

Assistant Professor Cellular Communication, Digital Communication, Wir... View Profile

Mr Lokesh Gautam

Assistant Professor Digital and Analog VLSI Design. Digital Circuits a... View Profile

Mr Varun Sangwan

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Computer Vision... View Profile

Mr Sumit Kumar Khandelwal

Assistant Professor Microwave Engineering, Advanced Semiconductor Devi... View Profile

Dr Harikesh

Assistant Professor RF and Microwave... View Profile

Dr Deepika Sipal

Assistant Professor RF and Microwave Engineering... View Profile

Dr Manjeet Kumar

Assistant Professor Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, A... View Profile

Mr Vinay Kumar

Assistant Professor Microelectronics... View Profile

Mr Sachin Dhariwal

Assistant Professor Advanced Semiconductor Electronics... View Profile

Mr Rahul Thakur

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Digital Image Processing, Deep L... View Profile

Dr Sumit Kale

Assistant Professor Microelectronics, VLSI Design, Novel Semiconductor... View Profile