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Dr Shailender Kumar

Professor Database Systems, Datamining, Big Data Analytics, ... View Profile

Prof Daya Gupta

Professor Software Engineering , Artificial Intelligence, Da... View Profile

Dr Rajni Jindal

Professor Database Systems, Data Mining and Operating System... View Profile

Mr Manoj Kumar

Associate Professor Information Security and Cryptography, NLP... View Profile

Dr Aruna Bhat

Associate Professor Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition, Campus I... View Profile

Mr Vinod Kumar

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Information Theory and Coding... View Profile

Ms Priya Singh

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Predictive... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kumar

Assistant Professor Steganography – Image Data Hiding, Text Steganog... View Profile

Mr Rahul

Assistant Professor Data Structure and Graph Theory, Theory of Computa... View Profile

Mr Ram Murti Rawat

Assistant Professor Analog and Digital VLSI Design , Digital systems a... View Profile

Ms Garima Chhikara

Assistant Professor Algorithms, Data Structures, DBMS, OS... View Profile

Ms Geetanjali Garg

Assistant Professor Web Mining... View Profile

Mr Sanjay Kumar

Assistant Professor Database System, Graph Theory and Algorithm, Infor... View Profile

Ms Anukriti Kaushal

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Ashish Girdhar

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Data Structures and Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Pawan Singh Mehra

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Network, Internet of Things, Block... View Profile

Mr Rahul Gupta

Assistant Professor Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Data mi... View Profile

Dr Anurag Goel

Assistant Professor Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Graph Algorithms, ... View Profile

Ms Gull Kaur

Assistant Professor Data Analytics, Bigdata, Machine Learning, Deep Le... View Profile

Mr Kavinder Singh

Assistant Professor Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learnin... View Profile

Ms Divyashikha Sethia

Assistant Professor Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Akshi Kumar

Assistant Professor Affective computing, Sentiment analysis, Natural l... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor Internet of Things(IoT),Mobile Computing,Wireless ... View Profile

Mr Sanjay Patidar

Assistant Professor IoT, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning... View Profile

Dr Prashant Giridhar Shambharkar

Assistant Professor Artificial intelligence, Data Mining, Real Time Sy... View Profile

Ms Sonika Dahiya

Assistant Professor Algorithms and Data Mining, Data Structures and Th... View Profile

Dr Rohit Beniwal

Assistant Professor Social Media Analytics, Semantic Web, Software Eng... View Profile

Mr Nipun Bansal

Assistant Professor End-to-End Verifiable Voting Systems, Applied Cryp... View Profile

Ms Minni Jain

Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis, I... View Profile

Ms Kusum Lata

Assistant Professor Data Mining... View Profile

Mr Rahul Katarya

Assistant Professor Big Data Analytics, Social Networks Analysis, Huma... View Profile

Ms Abhilasha Sharma

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Software Testing, DBMS, Web ... View Profile

Dr Ruchika Malhotra

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Software Quality Predictive ... View Profile

Ms Indu Singh

Assistant Professor Databases, Data Warehouse, Information Security ,D... View Profile

Mr Manoj Sethi

Programmer DBMS, DWDM, Machine Learning... View Profile