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Prof Nirender Dev

Professor Structural Engineering., Structural Dynamics, Fini... View Profile

Prof K C Tiwari

Professor Microwave/Optical Remote Sensing, GIS, Expert Syst... View Profile

Prof Anil Kumar Sahu

Professor Geotechnical Engineering and Concrete Technology... View Profile

Prof Rakesh Kumar

Professor Hydraulics and Water Resources: Model studies thro... View Profile

Prof V K Minocha

Professor Water Resources... View Profile

Prof Alok Verma

Professor Earthquake technology and use of fuzzy logic and n... View Profile

Prof Naresh Kumar

Professor Soil Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Amit Kumar Srivastava

Professor Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Pile Fou... View Profile

Dr S Anbu Kumar

Professor Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics and Water Resource Eng... View Profile

Dr Raju Sarkar

Professor Environmental Geotechnology, Transportation Geotec... View Profile

Mr A R Kongan

Professor Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering... View Profile

Dr Awadhesh Kumar

Professor Structural Engineering... View Profile

Prof Amit Srivastava

Professor Sustainable Construction Practices, Geotechnical E... View Profile

Dr Rakesh Mehrotra

Associate Professor Environmental Engineering and Waste Water Engineer... View Profile

Mr Gokaran P. Awadhiya

Associate Professor Structures Engineering... View Profile

Mr Narad Muni Prasad

Associate Professor Pavement Engineering... View Profile

Dr Susheel Kumar

Associate Professor Traffic and Transportation Engineering... View Profile

Dr Munender Kumar

Associate Professor Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics... View Profile

Mr T Vijay Kumar

Associate Professor Environmental Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Hyd... View Profile

Dr Shilpa Pal

Associate Professor 2-D & 3-D Seismic Analysis of Dams and Seismic Slo... View Profile

Dr Pradeep K Goyal

Associate Professor Cyclone Disaster Mitigation, Microzonation, Hazard... View Profile

Mr Hrishikesh Dubey

Assistant Professor Structure Engineering ,Earthquake Engineering... View Profile

Mr B R G Robert

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Bharat Jhamnani

Assistant Professor Solid Waste management, Modelling and simulation, ... View Profile

Dr Ritu Raj

Assistant Professor Structural Engineering, Wind Engineering... View Profile